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Ashlee Barrett-Bourmier is a London based fashion stylist and Fashion Editor of Violet Book.

Originally from Queensland, Australia with a background in Fashion Design, she pursued a career in fashion assisting well renowned stylists, Poppy Kain, Tom Guinness, Julia Sarr-Jamois, and Leith Clark. She went on to establish her individual career starting as Junior Fashion Editor at The Violet Book, and soon after promoted to Fashion Editor.

Ashlee has also contributed to editorials such as Also Journal, Vogue Portugal, I-D, Unpolished, and has collaborated with photographers such as Mel Bles, Tung Walsh, Anna Victoria Best, Masha Mel, Paola Vivas, Jackson Bowley, Gwen Trannoy, Brian Daly, Simone Steenberg, Catharina Pavitschitz, Aleksandra Podburtnaja, Neil Bedford, Jane Mcleish Kelsey, Marie Zucker, Dean Martindale, Theo Cottle. She also works with a range of commercial clients such as Danse Lente, Ally Capellino, Adidas, Nike, and Victoria Beckham.