Simone Konu-Rae


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Simone Konu-Rae is a Stylist and Art Director, currently residing in London.  She works across a range of editorial, and commercial projects. Simone grew up in London, Amsterdam and Lagos, to an English mother and Nigerian/Ghanian father.   She discovered her love for fashion magazines from a young age.  Simone studied English at the University of Nottingham, and in the holidays she would return to London, to assist at magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Tank, LOVE and Vogue Russia. She was made junior fashion editor of Ponystep Magazine in 2010-2011. Since then, Simone has pursued freelance work for titles including Italian Vogue, Sunday Times Style, Metal Magazine,, Stylist, Wonderland, INTERVIEW Germany, and i-D Online. In 2017 Simone co-founded ALSO Journal, an online platform focused on representation and diversity of women in fashion as well as focusing the spotlight on female creatives. Simone’s work is primarily concerned with the presentation of women and exploration of diversity within fashion photography concerned with the body, race and ageism. Also Journal was established as a platform to tackle these issues in relation to how women are depicted within fashion imagery. In addition Simone has worked on a number of short film projects both in the roles of wardrobe and casting which has been featured at various film festivals as well as online platforms such as NOWNESS.